Grab coffee, get lunch, buy a round of drinks.

Eat Your Heart Out Cincy is a collection of resources to show love and support to our Restaurants, Bars and Hospitality Workers

What’s going on?

Restaurants have been particularly affected by COVID-19. Even for those running takeout and delivery, income will not be enough to pay staff, cover overhead or pay for the goods they’ll need to resume business. On top of that, some of our favorite people have found themselves suddenly without an income, Being shut down for weeks or even months is a disaster for these workers and small businesses. They are an important and valued part of our daily lives. But if your income is reasonably steady right now, you can help save Cincinnati’s restaurants.

How can I help?

Keep Up the Spend!If you’re fortunate enough to have a continuing income right now, please consider continuing to spend at local establishments while they’re closed. 

Buy Gift Cards – Plan a night out…for whenever we’re allowed out again. Because It’s gonna end and when it does, we want our favorite spots to still be there.

Donations – Thank a regular server through their personal tipjar, or donate directly to funds set up to support workers or restaurants that are using the shutdown to provide for others during the crisis.

Anything else?

Spread the Word – Please share this info with EVERYONE. Add the hashtag #EYHOC so that more people can find these resources. And do it often so the word gets around. Grab a virtual coffee or future lunch and tell us about it. We’d love to hear your story

Add Your Resource – See that little contact box in the right hand corner of your screen? Hit that and tell us what you’re utilizing or think would be helpful for others in the biz.

Who are you?

We’re food lovers who want to help people in the bar and restaurant industries by coordinating information about donation sites, places to buy gift cards and updates from Food, Restaurant and Bar agencies and groups. In our day jobs most of us are part of the team at Urban Fast Forward, Cincinnati. Many of these restaurateurs and their staffs are clients and friends but beyond that, many of our loved ones work in hospitality. So with a little (um…!) unexpected free time, we got creative. But to be clear, we don’t handle donations or take anything from the businesses promoted here.

-The Team